There is an art, science and craft to the business of farming. The nuances of air, soil and water make up microclimates of a single field that can produce three-times the yield of generations’ past. 

From seed and nutrients to equipment and technology, agriculture faces unprecedented challenges. But along with them comes enormous opportunities for farmers and their communities. 

Let’s dig deeper, uncover the challenges and expose the opportunities. 

The wide-ranging impact of plant health and nutrient management goes beyond the field and the farm. It comes to rest squarely on the family dinner table. A growing world requires safe, sustainable and affordable food, and the health of every crop we plant demands vital nutrients to perform in a changing environment. 

At Verdesian Life Sciences, we believe it’s possible to outdo what we’ve always done. That means we will demonstrate and share the information necessary to help farmers improve crop performance, plant nutrition, water quality and soil health.

Ideas will be developed. Stories will be shared. Data will be presented. Research will be explored

We hope to hear from you along the way.